Frequently Asked Questions

What is communication coaching?

Communication coaching is all about YOU becoming a business leader. ArtsMedia Consultants' communication coaching is tailored and personalised. You have a highly credentialed and experienced specialist professional coach, providing expertise, guidance, support, and feedback to help you improve your confidence and skills in professional communication and audience engagement. ArtsMedia Consultants has been coaching business owners, entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives and staff teams in professional communication for more than 20 years.

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How can communication coaching enhance my success as a business owner and entrepreneur?

Research shows that 98% of global businesses consider Communication to be the most critical attribute of effective business leadership. High level presentation skills are therefore crucial for: communicating your ideas, building relationships with stakeholders, attracting clients, securing investment and funding, and inspiring your team. By improving, enhancing and developing your presentation and communication skills through coaching, you become more credible, authoritative, and influential in your sphere of business.

As a business owner, executive or entrepreneur, ArtsMedia Consultants' communication coaching can assist you in enhancing your on-stage, on-camera, and online presence by identifying areas for improvement and providing strategies and techniques tailored to your needs. For more than 20 years, ArtsMedia Consultants have specialised in tailored, personalised communication coaching for business leaders.

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What will I learn in the CCC Mastery Program?

The CCC Mastery Program teaches you techniques that help you to more confidently present to-camera - and at the podium - in the business/professional context.  You will develop three (3) tangible, implementable and measurable presenting outcomes, across multi-media. So whether on Stage; on Screen, or Online, the CCC Mastery Program will teach you how to ‘take command’ of the presenting situation - which consists of a combination of: you, your message, your professional context, and your audience. The CCC Mastery Program puts YOU in control!

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I find presenting to-Camera really intimidating. Can the CCC Mastery Program help me?

Absolutely. The CCC Mastery Program is specifically designed to get you Comfortable, Confident & Credible on-Camera.

We understand just how challenging and intimidating presenting to-camera can be. The CCC Mastery Program will help you overcome your fear of the camera by helping you: understand the video medium; develop your 'visual vocabulary'; and adapt your message - and yourself - to what can often be the dehumanising environment of the camera. We help you 'take command' of the video medium.

We help you transform the Camera from your 'worst enemy' into your 'new best friend'.

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Is the CCC Mastery Program all just 'theory', or is it practical and useful?

The CCC Mastery Program is designed and constructed around practical, tangible, implementable, measurable outcomes. At the completion of the program you will have three (3) multi-media presentations 'in your back pocket' - ready to go. You will have: a 'live' presentation; a promotional video; an online webinar - that you can present with complete confidence in any presenting context: onScreen, onStage, onLine.

These practical, multi-media presentations are your best assets - to define, demonstrate and enhance your professional confidence, reputation, stature, authority and influence - claiming your rightful place as a global business leader.

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What benefits can I expect from presentation coaching?

ArtsMedia Consultants’ CCC Mastery Program provides immediate, tangible, implementable and measurable outcomes and benefits. Both in the short term, and even more importantly over the longer term as ongoing legacy benefits, resulting from the increase in your confidence and credibility as a presenter. This in turn, results in increased impact, authority and influence as a business leader in your professional field.

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Can the CCC Mastery Program help me deal with stage fright and nerves when presenting?

Absolutely. At ArtsMedia Consultants we fully understand the impact – both positive and negative - of nerves and anxiety.  The positive side can energise your presentation, while the negative side can undermine your presentation. Drawing upon extensive professional performance experience, we can help you balance those conflicting influences (the ‘yin and yang’ of nerves) to maximise the energy and impact of your presentation, while at the same time ensuring that you are in complete control.

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Will I receive personalised feedback and guidance from the coach?

Absolutely. Dr Chris is your exclusive CCC Mastery Program coach and will give you one-on-one, individualised attention, guidance, and feedback. Your progress through the program will not be ‘farmed out’ to anyone else.

For more than 20 years Dr Chris's extensive professional experience (formalised by doctoral research), has informed his specialisation in non-verbal and on-camera communication. His trademarked coaching concept of: The Stylised Version of You brings to the CCC Mastery Program a unique, proven coaching approach which draw extensively upon Dr Chris’s specialist expertise and experience in award-winning stage and screen performance. Helping professional communicators and tertiary academics become more Comfortable, Confident, Credible presenters - both live and on-camera.

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Can the CCC Mastery Program help me develop my own authentic presenting style?

Absolutely. It is all about YOU. We focus totally on helping you explore, discover, develop and demonstrate your own authentically unique presenting style, consistent with your professional context, personality and goals. You need to be authentically ‘you’ when presenting. Our trademarked coaching concept of The Stylised Version of You, ensures that who your audience sees – whether on stage, on screen or online - is the authentic, personable, but powerful and professional version of you.

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How long will it take to see improvements in my presentation skills?

With implementation of the coaching content and feedback you will typically experience discernible improvement immediately.

However, it is important to remember that developing strong presentation skills is an ongoing process. As with any coaching program, precisely how much improvement and how quickly that improvement occurs, will depend on your active implementation and consistent practice of the coaching feedback and recommendations.

At ArtsMedia Consultants we will continue to help, guide, and support you in your ongoing quest for presenting mastery.

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Can coaching help me transition from presenting on stage to presenting on-camera/online?

Absolutely.  ArtsMedia Consultants specialises in helping you adapt your on-stage presenting to on-screen presenting (and vice-versa) – be that for stand alone business videos, webinars and/or zoom-type teleconferences.

We help you become conversant with the medium, adapt to, and navigate through, the unique challenges of the on-Camera, on-Screen, onLine environments.

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Can coaching help me develop content for my presentations?

Absolutely. At ArtsMedia Consultants, we can support you in creating, developing, and fine-tuning your content. We provide guidance on structuring your presentations, crafting credible content, creating engaging visuals, and developing a cohesive narrative flow, such that - whatever your business sector, your content, your context, and your audience - we ensure that your message is clear, concise, authoritative and persuasive.

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