ArtsMedia Consultants specialises in coaching CEOs, executives, professionals and academics to become comfortable, confident and credible on-camera – in order to present professional business videos online.


As a CEO, Director, Executive, or leader of any organisation, you have to come to terms with the new communication reality – which is that video has become the dominant medium of online communication. With 82% of all digital communication being video-based, and more than 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, you need to get ahead of the game.

So, if your business is ‘going digital’ – and you’re not – then you are going to be left behind, and your career will certainly suffer. So, even if you “hate presenting to-camera” you are going to need to do something to get comfortable and confident with video, to be professionally credible, to maximise the value of the medium, and the quality of your online engagement – with clients, stakeholders and staff.

We will get you there…


My business works directly with CEOs, Business Owners & Executives, helping them become more confident & credible presenting on-camera. Many business leaders may be great at speaking with people one-on-one, or presenting to a ‘live’ audience, but looking down a camera lens is a different story.

I focus on:

Techniques that make you feel comfortable.
Improving your confidence in front of the camera.
Delivery, physicality, engagement – you come across as professional, confident and credible.


“In an incredibly short period of time Chris achieved immeasurable results with students from all walks of life. His ability to turn complete amateurs into “ready to perform” talent is truly inspiring.

I wish I had a Chris Willems to coach me when I first started in the media.

He comes to you with my highest personal recommendation”.

Larry Emdur

The Morning Show (Network 7)

“I was very sceptical about online communication and teaching – and not at all confident presenting to-camera.

But with Chris’s coaching I became much more comfortable and confident with the camera - and how to get the most out of it.

Now I produce and present all my own online content – which has gone international. …definitely the way to go!”

Associate Professor Gillian L.

Landscape Architecture

“I attended Chris's Workshop…to sum it up, it was excellent. Chris has an amazing knowledge of presenting in all its forms.

He has created a standout workshop. He is highly supportive and encouraging to allow everyone to get over the fear barrier.

Thank you Chris - a truly valuable and enjoyable experience”

Suzy Roden

Business Renaissance

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