Welcome to this series of One Minute Micro-Masterclass BLOGS, where in less than one minute, you can learn how to get Comfortable, Confident and Credible on-Camera.

Please click on the video below to watch this Micro-Masterclass on “The Camera”.

This is the most fundamental piece of equipment that you will need to engage online. What is it about this camera that makes it so intimidating? Why is it so intimidating?

Well partly because there’s no feedback as you get with a live audience. All you’ve got is that piece of glass, the inanimate camera lens.

And for most of us, this piece of glass is surprisingly intimidating because it feels awkward and it doesn’t feel human at all so we feel very strange talking to that piece of glass.

What I want you to do now, is to look at this photo, of the piece of glass, the camera lens, look at the lights going down converging deeply deeply into the lens and I want you to say to yourself “This is my best friend, not my worst enemy…”

We will look at ‘Context’ in the next masterclass.

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Dr. Christiaan Willems

Chris is a consultant and coach in on-camera/online presenting, effective digital communication; and non-verbal communication across corporate, professional and academic sectors.

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