Welcome to this series of One Minute Micro-Masterclass BLOGS, where in less than one minute, you can learn how to get Comfortable, Confident and Credible on-Camera.

Please click on the video below to watch this Micro-Masterclass on “Scripting”.

“Why would I need a Script?”, I hear you say.

I know this stuff so well I can talk about it till the cows come home.

The trouble is, that’s exactly what we do.

A script keeps us on track, to the point, and prevents us from waffling on with superfluous stuff, losing the thread, and making our footage very difficult to edit. Whether word-for-word and formal or a dot pointed conversational approach, your script is your most fundamental planning document. It’s your narrative, your guide, your anti-waffling safety net.

So, by way of activity, what I want you to do is to write your own script that goes for about 20 seconds.

We will look at ‘Pre – Visualisation’ in the next masterclass.

If you’d like more information please click on the link below to watch my complimentary training video.

Dr. Christiaan Willems

Chris is a consultant and coach in on-camera/online presenting, effective digital communication; and non-verbal communication across corporate, professional and academic sectors.

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