Welcome to this series of One Minute Micro-Masterclass BLOGS, where in less than one minute, you can learn how to get Comfortable, Confident and Credible on-Camera.

Please click on the video below to watch this Micro-Masterclass on “Keeping it Human”.

Business communication fundamentally comes down to two people talking to each other. The only difference with online communication is that those two people are talking to each other via a screen – a computer, smartphone, tablet, or some other electronic device.

The crucial consideration then is keeping that exchange ‘human’ – keeping that business exchange human via a device.

So, the question that arises is: ‘how do we retain that personal, human engagement in this highly depersonalised digital environment?’

We will keep exploring those things as we continue through this Micro-Masterclass series.

In the next masterclass, we will look at ‘Engagement’.

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Dr. Christiaan Willems

Chris is a consultant and coach in on-camera/online presenting, effective digital communication; and non-verbal communication across corporate, professional and academic sectors.

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