Welcome to this series of One Minute Micro-Masterclass BLOGS, where in less than one minute, you can learn how to get Comfortable, Confident and Credible on-Camera.

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In today’s micro-masterclass, what we’re looking at is the New Reality, which is that video is the dominant online communication tool, and because you represent your business online to your stakeholders – locally, nationally and globally – you need to get comfortable presenting to camera, to build your professional credibility online.

The trouble is, that when you’re looking at the camera lens it feels really uncomfortable. It just feels weird. It’s not natural at all and you can’t maintain eye contact with it, your mind goes blank and you forget everything you wanted to say.

You feel ridiculous talking to an inanimate object i.e. a piece of glass.

And because of that your voice sounds flat and boring. But most of all you hate seeing yourself on video!

So how do you get to feel completely comfortable, confident, in control and professionally credible on camera?

It’s a problem – and we’re going to find a solution over the course of the Micro-Master classes that we’re just about to do.

I trust you found that ONE-MINUTE useful. If you’d like more information please click on the link below to watch my complimentary training video.

Dr. Christiaan Willems

Chris is a consultant and coach in on-camera/online presenting, effective digital communication; and non-verbal communication across corporate, professional and academic sectors.