ArtsMedia Consultants provides video coaching to business executives and high achieving professionals via a 6 week online course. 

What's included in the course?

Module 1 – It’s all about You!

Module 2 – Your Physical Personality

Module 3 – Taking Command of the Space

Module 4 – ‘Going Digital’ – Your Content

Module 5 – The Digital Space your Context

Module 6 – It’s all about You! on-Camera


    Talking Tech – the latest updated information on video technology and online video distribution platforms

    6 x 1-hour Skype sessions one-on-one, to guide you through the Present Powerful Videos!

    Private Facebook Group for participants to Q&A with coach Dr Chris Willems, and peer-to-peer interactions

    3 months Email Access – so you can fast track your way to being Comfortable, Confident & Credible on-Camera.

    1x Free Live Workshop Event (Brisbane)

    1 Diagnostic report per month

    Fortnightly Q&A group sessions on Zoom

    Members-only monthly newsletter

    Enhanced ‘Micro-Masterclass’ Videos

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    in On-Camera, Online Communication

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    Dr. Christiaan Willems FHEA FIML FAIEA

    ArtsMedia Consultants - Executive Digital Communication Coaching


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    PO Box 90 Dayboro Qld  4521  Australia

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