+80% of all online communication happens via VIDEO

If you are not using VIDEO for YOUR business, you are BEING LEFT BEHIND – you can’t afford to be!


Dr Chris will show you how YOU can create your own PROFESSIONAL, CREDIBLE BUSINESS VIDEOS...

without breaking-the-bank!

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CCC Video Mastery Webinar

Date & Time: AUS: Wed Oct 11th 12pm AEST
US/CAN: Tues Oct 10th 6pm PST/PDT
NZ AUK: Wed Oct 11th 2pm
USA/CAN MDT: Tues Oct 10th 7pm MDT


Complimentary Copy of ‘GOING DIGITAL’.

All CCC Mastery Webinar attendees will receive a complimentary copy of ‘Going Digital’.

This Report will tell you: What You Need To Know Before You Set Foot – or Face – in Front of a Video Camera.

Exclusive offer available to all attendees


‘How you can get Comfortable, Confident & Credible on-Camera’

The CCC Mastery Webinar will show you:

Why you can't afford NOT to use Video for your business
How you can maximise the value and IMPACT of your business videos
How you can overcome your FEAR of the camera
How to ADAPT your Content for the online environment
How to 'show & tell' your BEST business stories
How to DEVELOP your 'visual vocabulary' - and why that's important
How to make PROFESSIONAL business videos - without 'breaking-the-bank'
How YOU can use video to become a global BUSINESS LEADER - a 'Micro Media Mogul'
plus much more...

You “hate talking to camera”.

As the ‘face’ of your business, it’s your credibility as a presenter, that determines your business’s credibility; its reputation; and its success.

That’s right. It’s all about YOU – on Camera.

Trouble is, you ”…hate talking to camera”. But you no longer have a choice.

So you can either regard this as a threat – or rethink it, re-imagine it, re-purpose it – as a FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY to use Video to become a global business leader.

How YOU can get Comfortable, Confident & Credible on camera

So… what if you could be completely comfortable on camera?
What if you could represent your business online with confidence and credibility?

Well as a specialist coach in on-camera communication, I can show you, in just 45 minutes, how you can achieve all of those things – without breaking the bank.

Free 45 minute CCC Mastery Webinar

‘How you can get Comfortable, Confident & Credible on Camera.’

In just 45 minutes, you’ll discover how to transform your on-camera communication.

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About Dr Chris

Dr. Christiaan (Chris) Willems

Dr Chris has a uniquely diverse and extensive career in corporate communication, the creative industries, television, and tertiary education.

Innovative, multi/inter-disciplinary practice has been a consistent feature throughout Chris’s professional career, as evidenced by award-winning international television, professional and academic publications, and high-level corporate coaching for more than 20 years.

This unique professional diversity is what informs Dr Chris’s specialisation – coaching executives, entrepreneurs and professionals in online and non-verbal communication, enabling them to maximise their engagement, their message, their impact: on-screen, on-stage, online.

Chris’s video series of One Minute Micro-Masterclasses posted weekly on Linkedin, provide tips and techniques on creating engaging, high-impact, low-cost, business videos.

Client Testimonials

“In an incredibly short period of time Chris achieved immeasurable results with students from all walks of life. His ability to turn complete amateurs into “ready to perform” talent is truly inspiring… I wish I had a Chris Willems to coach me when I first started in the media. He comes to you with my highest personal recommendation”.

Larry Emdur
Media Presenter & Journalist
‘The Morning Show’ Network 7


“Chris, I will be forever grateful to you for granting me the tips and skills to build the confidence to be leader. What I learnt from you… was life-changing.”

Senior Political Leader

'So Much Easier'

“Having heard Christiaan Willems speak publicly on a few occasions I sought his guidance for some video recording I wanted to do. Chris’s coaching and advice made it so much easier for me to record my program videos. His practical approach helped me ‘get over myself’, as I felt that if there is anything worse than listening to yourself, it is watching yourself! I highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to become proficient and comfortable in videoing.”

Bryan W.
Business & Financial Consultant

'Complete Skeptic to True Believer'

“I was very skeptical about online communication and teaching – and not at all confident presenting to-camera. But with Chris’s coaching I became much more comfortable and confident with the camera – and how to get the most out of it. Now I produce and present all my own online content – which has gone international… definitely the way to go!”

Assoc Prof. Gillian L.
Senior University Executive

'Team Coaching'

“Chris is a great facilitator: experienced, friendly and insightful. In a few short sessions with me and my team, Chris gave us all ways to improve our presentations while remaining true to our own styles. We were able to implement Chris’s advice immediately. The change in my team’s confidence is clear. We’ve all got ways to continue to coach each other to build on what we learned. I can’t recommend Chris highly enough.”

Dr Ben K. Director
UX Design company

Don't Miss Out on this FREE 45 minute CCC Mastery Webinar

‘How you can get Comfortable, Confident & Credible on Camera.’

In just 45 minutes, you’ll discover how to transform your on-camera communication.

So hit the ‘Register’ button – and whatever you do, don’t miss out.

I look forward to seeing you there. Cheers.