Welcome to this series of One Minute Micro-Masterclass BLOGS, where in less than one minute, you can learn how to get Comfortable, Confident and Credible on-Camera.

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Remember that the human ear is selective and a microphone is not selective at all.

Microphones will pick up all of the sounds around you. All of the ambient sound, the distracting and disturbing noises that we don’t even hear because our brains filter them out.

A microphone will pick up all of those sounds, but that’s not so tragic if we can find out how to minimize that and utilize it to our advantage.

Before you start recording have a listen for any ambient or background noise. There’s bound to be some depending on where you’re shooting. Sometimes it’s going to be noisier than others and some places are going to be noisier than others.

Things like traffic noise, air conditioners, refrigerators, barking dogs, mowers rain on the roof all sorts of things. Some things you can do something about and some things are more difficult to deal with.

Simple things like shutting doors and windows and turning off noisy generators like fridges all minimise the ambient noise.

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Dr. Christiaan Willems

Chris is a consultant and coach in on-camera/online presenting, effective digital communication; and non-verbal communication across corporate, professional and academic sectors.

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